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Ah, is there anything more fun than for two weeks, absolutely adoring an episode of a TV show for one very specific reason... and then going online to find out that that exact reason is the same one people dislike and are digusted with the show? No, definitely nothing better.

The specific exchange I'm talking about is this one, from CSI:

Max: "I'm the guy who buys his daughter a puppy for her eighth birthday. And the next day, he backs out of his driveway and..."
Brass: "Don't tell me... you ran over the dog."
Max: "No, I ran over my daughter!"

This, and the various people he killed on accident - and how those accidents happened, it just made me crack up. I mean, yeah, it was sad, but it was also the most hilarious thing ever, and Catherine's reaction is exactly how I'd react, and exactly as all the cops I've known would react. And everybody (er, well, everyone on TWoP, in any case) is purely disgusted with it, especially Catherine's reaction.

(Reminds me how all the kids at my school are always so pissed off with how cops act to them - I'm sitting there like, not only would I be worse to you, but you'd be far worse. Christ! I mean, they were all upset because this cop who came in as a speaker said, point blank, that if it came down to him or us, he'd choose him because he's more important. My reaction was along the lines of, 'I love it when they're all up front like that!' And everybody else is just whining about it. Sigh.)
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