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I'm Henry the VIII I am!

In 2007, colin_chaotic resolves to...
Find a better nanowrimo.
Buy new music videos.
Spend less time on bean.
Tell my family about sheldon hawkes.
Give some police procedurals to charity.
Eat more david hodges.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Um. I'll be over here, snickering like a twelve year old boy.

Also, there appears to be a new DWJ book coming out in March. I am v. v. excited by this, and possibly inspired to go and re-read some of her books that I have - after, of course, I finish re-reading the Phule series by Robert Asprin (I do so love this series).

Okay, I'm totally starving now, so I'm going to go eat some Poptarts (we managed to make it out of the snow today, went to grocery store after our chiro appointments) before returning to my room and pretending I'm working on my death penalty speech when I'm really either reading fanfics or watching Criminal Minds. Oh, me.
Tags: memes, rl

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