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Torchwood penultimate and finale

Okay, wow. I'm not even sure what my reaction to that was, other than 'wow'. I mean, we got all the drama of dead people, but they didn't actually die (thank God, for both Jack and Rhys), there was much snoggage, Jack's still totally in love with the Doctor (and eee! to the ending), we got backstory (because I believe what Jack told real!Jack about his friend), and I swear that Owen is totally Jack's ancestor (like 'James Harper' was just another psuedonym, c'mon!). And everyone so happy to see Jack alive, and Jack defeated Satan, and there was PC Andy (who I totally lurve)! And Owen's little mini-breakdowns all over the place, and getting shot, and him shooting Jack because he was tired of people underestimating him, and, and... I love this freaking show.

Also, is it the end of season three of Doctor Who yet? Because I wanna see Doctor/Jack meetage! And I sure hope that Jack mentions how he defeated Abaddon ("You can't die?!" "Well, I dunno, haven't tried it since I destroyed Satan..." "WHA?")

I need to go have myself a lie-down. This excitement and sadness and everything is just too much for my poor little heart.
Tags: dr. ?, torchwood, tv

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