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Ramblings of a Bored Teenage Girl (O RLY? YA RLY!)

I should sleep. Like, really. School starts tomorrow and I've got a speech to present (hells yeah, dawg, I totally finished my final speech! As of fourth period tomorrow, I'll just have to work on Research!), plus my Torchwood books arrived so you just know that when I "go to bed", I'll actually stay up and read one, and the text is freakin' tiny, so it's more than it seems (which is good). But somehow, I cannot seem to drag myself away from all this lovely mpreg fic...

(What? I can't help it! I just... the combo of slash and kids is too much for me to resist. I like slash, I like kidfic, and you nearly always get both in mpreg! And at least I'm sticking to reading Buffy mpreg, where you can blame it on magic. 'S not like I'm reading CSI mpreg or nuthin' (mostly because the archive I found only had Grissom getting pregnant, and that's just weird).)
Tags: fanfiction, rl

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