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Real Life - it's actually more interesting to me than TV! *dies of shock*

Random: Carter's birthday on Saturday? Wanna know the names of everybody there? (We were so white, it wasn't funny.) Lee (aka Meagan), Piper (aka Danielle), Julia, Carter, Derek, Nick, and Christian. Slightly sad.

Right! In other news, I may have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder*. Bob and Carter, at least, think I do (since they were the ones in the discussion at the time). My mom thinks so too. (And everyone pretty much said 'duh' when I brought up the topic of avoidant personalty disorder, which was a little insulting.) Between this and the new discovery that I'm allergic to either apples or beef (don't ask), I appear to be on a voyage of discovery! Or possibly of hypochondria, but since my findings have been supported by those outside my rather hypochondriac self, I'm thinking they're real. And hey, if at least the personality disorders are, then I'll fit in better at Humanex! I'll know after the 30th, that's when my psychiatrist appointment is (I'm also going to ask about ADD, which again: Humanex yay!).

Um, what else... Oh! I'm Carter's semi-official chaffeur now, meaning I get to drive from school to Lowry to home every afternoon. And dudes, if anybody could give me, like, an awesome topic for my research paper, I'll love you forever. Because I so can't think of an actual specific topic to do within forensic psychology, so I went back to trying to think of anything, and can't. I think I'll ask if I could maybe do a research project, meaning I get to conduct actual first-hand research and can maybe incorporate statistics. Maybe something to do with fandom would work, but I'm having issues coming up with a topic - or, basically, a thesis statement.

* = Not to be confused obsessive-compulsive disorder. Never ever. It's more, like, perfectionist personality disorder.

PS: Life may be more interesting to me right now than TV, but that does not cover the news that David Monahan will be on Supernatural - playing a priest, no less. I may die of hotness, then bug people to write Dean/DM's character because OMGPRETTI. Oh, and if he dies, I will kill. Indeed.
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