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This just in: I have no life. And am tired. Over.

Dudes. Have you guys heard about the nine-year-old from Washington who stole his neighbor's car, then led the police on a chase at up to 90mph before the engine blew and he was caught? And then, after being released to his mother, ran away and managed to board a flight to Phoenix, and then another one to San Antonio? That's kind of awesome.

Also, it's sad that my first thought was, "He'd be a great CHERUB recruit!"

Anyway, had my very first college course last night! And man. I forget, sometimes, that most people in the real world are not particularly bright. The professor spent about twenty minutes expounding on the difference between consecutive and concurrent sentencing, using the example of a burglar who committed two burglaries, and how if it was consecutive he'd get ten years and then another ten years, and if it was concurrent, the ten years would sandwiched on top of each other. After twenty minutes of this, a lady speaks up and asks, "But either way, he serves twenty years, right?"

No. I'm not joking.

Plus, I'm the only high schooler in there (we have to do a ride-along, and he asked if any of us were under 18 - yeah, I was the only one with my hand up). And why, oh why, were the stupidest most oblivious people in there the ones who professed an urge to become lawyers?

See, this is why if I go into law enforcement, I'll be going federal and not local. It's gotta be better there, right? Please, God?

Anyway, AACC's website is being a bitch and going all, "You registered for FALL '07, go screw off now, kthxbai!", so I can't register for either the online History of Homicide class or any of the interesting-looking noncredit courses. Damn it. Well, maybe once my mom gets back from work I can do something (since I still haven't gotten a reply to my email to the records/registration office).

Oh, and I didn't go to school today because I was totally exhausted from yesterday. I might have been able to wake up, but... considering that I didn't wake up until 3PM, and was still tired, probably a good idea I didn't.
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