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"What the hell is wrong with you people?!" *takes a sip*

William Ivers, ilu. And am so going to write Matt/Will fics make dragonessasmith write Matt/Will fics. And I don't care if he's never called Will on the show, I'm calling him Will. He looks like a Will. Plus, it makes nice symmetry with Matt.

Brandau still rocks. I'm glad he escaped the grasp of The Lily.

Woody looks a little rough. He looks hot like that. Not quite as hot as he looks in Sliders, though. What can I say, the young-long hair-glasses combo gets me every time!

Yay Lu! But at the same time, bad Lu. With the lying.

That 'book' is called the book of law. And, also, the Constitution.

Oh no. They're writing it into the storyline. That means that Lily might not be the one to die. Oh God. Oh God. They sure as fuck better not kill Bug, because I will shoot a bitch. No joke.

New drinking game! Take a shot every time Woody says, "What the hell is wrong with you people?" You'll be drunk ten minutes in.

And how many times do I have to say this, but people: DO NOT TELL NIGEL THINGS. EVER. IT'S A BAD IDEA. REMEMBER?

GO NIGE! I mean, I don't like Lily, but Nigel getting protective still rocks.

Bug instantly thinks Nigel wants to go on the date. HEE!

Drive-by hissy fit, hee. *cracks up* I heart Switzer. She's awesome.

Woody and Jordan need to, like, get some serious medication and counselling. I mean, I totally get where they come from, but at the same time... Serious. Counselling.

Ooh, poor Will! "Now... not... a good time?"

Hey look, the Three Stooges again!

I like Bug's hair this episode. Very nice.

Now Jeff's part of Jordan's little cabal! How sweet. And by sweet, I mean bad. Especially with my Will investigating them an' all.

Yay Judge! I like-a that judge-a.

I know I said this just, like, two minutes ago, but I love Bug's hair this episode.

You know, I don't like Lily, but that was hilarious.

DUN DUN. MACY'S ON THE TAKE. Also, I need to stop watching TV. Like, now. Because... well, just because! And, hate to say it, but if it comes down to Bug, Nige, or Macy next episode... I'm picking Macy. No ifs-ands-or-buts. (Plus, it would be hilarious if Switzer was the new boss. Srsly. Could you imagine?)

Now, I stare blankly at my JanNo for a while, work on my Business Law course, and then go to bed and get some sleep because Monday is JAMPACKEDACTIONDAY!!!! School, then I take Carter home and hang out with Oscar, then my mom drops us off at the light rail and we go into downtown Denver for the Nuggets game (first one with Mello back!). After the game, my mom picks me, Oscar, and Carter up, we drop Carter off, take Oscar home, and then I probably sleep as we drive from Evergreen to Aurora. Hooray!

But, right. For now, do that other stuff I said up there and am too lazy to repeat. Also, keep refreshing TorrentSpy, so I can download this episode and make iconz of Will and Matt/Will.
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