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Real Life is Actually Interesting! Who'da thought?

Things that happened today:

- Justin, Zane, Zack, Dan, and I got into an argument over who was the coolest: Dan and I totally agreed that it's Batman all the way, while the others were all, "No! Superman!" Or even Spiderman. Like, stupid. Everybody knows it's Batman all the way! (This, by the way, was the sum total of my activities in first period - wait, no, I also did a word search for Spanish.)

- I finished Spanish II, and took up Health for that hour instead.

- I made a David Monahan mood theme in celebration of DM on Supernatural tonight.

- Far too many "your mom" jokes were said during sixth and seventh periods.

- Not only did we (Holly's seventh period class) make Shawn cry, we also scared off a total of five people (including Holly).

- Oh yeah, Zack (same Zack as the superhero convo) got expelled because he was carrying brass knuckles. He got taken out in a cop car. Oh, Humanex!

Quotes from school:

-"Gay yo-yos don't sleep!"

-"I'm going to hit you with a grenade, okay?"

-"Yay, he's dead!"

Anyway, tomorrow this happens: trivia game in world history; art class field trip (with Julia, Patrick, and Justin; I already fear for my life); get back in time for Bob's and Holly's, which means two periods of part-ay!; drop Carter off and then go to a Chipotle; show up at Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department for my ride-along! Oh boy. This'll be fun.

(PS: Look, new icon!)
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