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Dreams, dreams, and a ride-along.

Dude. I totally had a dream last night that had a freaking SONG in it. I swear to God. It was a totally awesomely bizzare song, too. Like, it was the story of this guy named Johnny who was in love with a girl named Mary, but Mary thought he was Paul. And they got married, and Mary still thought he was Paul, and then Margaret came along and knew he was Johnny, and he was relieved because he was starting to think he was Paul!

...no, seriously. And after listening to this song, I took a shower. In my dream. Plus, yesterday, I totally had a dream where I played baseball - like, I could seriously feel the mitt. My dreams are starting to weird me out.

To hear or write songs in your dream, indicates that you are looking at things from a spiritual viewpoint. Your future path is a happy one with good health and much wealth. Consider the words to the song that you are dreaming about for additional messages.

So... what kind of message does that song give me? That I need to lay off the soap operas?

In other news, the ride-along was awesome! Tons of fun, and we didn't even really do anything. There were two accidents we went to (one of which was caused by a drunk driver), a couple of cars we pulled over, a couple of business alarms, a call of some guys throwing rocks at a building, and there was one guy we were going to arrest, but right as we were about to take him in, there was an accident, like, twenty feet away. Sadness.

Plus, the deputy I was riding with? Totally looked like a cross between David Monahan and Scott William Winters. Too bad he's married with two kids (one of whom is around 20 years old or so).

Now I just need to get ahold of my cousin so we can hang out this weekend. And by 'hang out', I mean 'watch tons of Torchwood, play with my Wii, and annoy the cat'.
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