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"I won't forget you now."

...Radioactive Boy in this episode looks EXACTLY like Ivers's little brother. Fic, anyone?

He also looks a little bit like Ecklie from CSI (who is also in this episode, in case you missed it).

I hope this boy doesn't die. He's too adorable.

Aw! McGeek was worried about Tony! That was cute.

Hey, that movie he was talking about, D.O.A.? I totally read a Sweet Valley University book based on that plot. Heh.

"Ziva has personal connections?" Heh.

Nice little garden, there.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Are you asking me in a professional capacity?"

I love that quote! It amuses me that it's Ziva's favorite quote.

"I have to get you into bed."

Radioactive Boy's female co-worker looks a bit like Amy Poehler.

Ziva, what did that vending machine ever do to you?

Aw! That was adorable. Sorry, I'm a sap.

Roy Sanders, Lt. Check, got it! And damn, I REALLY hope he doesn't die.

Tony had his arm around McGeek! *grins*

Oh, Jimmy! You and Agent Lee, heh.

Tony sent McGeek a YouTube video, that's a little, "..."

"Explains why you couldn't break him. He didn't do it." <- that, right there, show how much Tony's changed in the past season. Before Gibbs left, Tony was all, "Gibbs was... wrong?! My world, she crashes down on me!" And now, he just goes, "Ah, okay."

I don't like all this global stuff. Makes my head hurt.

Aw, Tony's helping Ziva and Roy have a moment. *sniffs*

Random: Matthew Marsden - aka Lt. Roy Sanders - was in DOA - Dead Or Alive. This amuses me, given the movie Tony references earlier in this episode.

Hee! That was BRILLIANT misdirection! Making us think it was Russio, when it was the secretary-lady.

I actually feel sorry for her. Just a little. But then, I'm a wimp like that.

He's too adorable to die! *cries* What's up with the NCIS episodes lately being such downers?

Damn you DPB. I'm too sad to even really whine.

Random other stuff: Matthew Marsden is ridiculously awesome. Seriously. Totally athletic, plus a singer? And a good actor? I may have a new little-known actor-crush.

And I pout at LOCI for finally having Goren's brother appear, and making it this Tony Goldwyn guy, and not Stephen Gevedon, who played Scott Ross on Oz and totally looks like he could be related to VDO.
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