Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Real life! It's shocking! Only... not so much.

I got class tonight, curses! Although I'm fairly certain that this time around we're going to take the test over the first four chapters, so that ought to take a while. Just leaves the question of what to do with myself in between the time that I finish the test and the rest of the class finishes the test. Sometimes, it sucks hardcore to be a speed reader. In any case! I'll take Carter home, then stop at Tokyo Joe's to get some eats, and then go to the college library to surf the wireless for the hours before class starts. Hooray!

Oh, and since I didn't mention this before, I'm totally not moving to Maryland, guys! Yay! Instead, I'm totally staying at ACC for two years, criminal justice major, and get a certificate in crime analysis. Plus, they have some Arabic courses. Then I'll transfer to a four year, maybe Metro, or possibly GWU. It all depends!

Because of all this, I'm also hoping that once I clean my room, I can get another kitty-rat. Who, at this point, I'm tempted to name Duo (if I get another boy; if I get a girl, it's still going to be named Tosh). Curse me and my being sucked back into anime-ness! Anyway. Back to the reading of GW/HP fics, and the writing of the next part of my CJ/Torchwood fic.
Tags: rl

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