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Banana smoothies look better inside cups.

Note to any who might be considering it: throwing up half-digested banana all over your truck while driving to school? NOT FUN. I learned that the hard way this morning.

And yes, I still went to school. Man, what's wrong with me? I have an actual legitimate excuse to stay home, and I go anyway? This whole 'having friends at school' thing is freaking me out. (Not intended as insult to those of you who I'm friends with and met through school, Kat especially - with the grade differences, we didn't exactly get to hang out except before and after school.)

Speaking of, the group - which has no name, something I'm happy with, since it's another layer of separation from the Island - decided we need to make a movie. Oscar's the villain, Critter Jones (the name we stole from the Girl in Gold Boots, which was a hilarious MST3K), and Julia, Piper, Patrick, and I are the heroes (in order: Tiny, Dragon, Tin-Ear, and Quixote). The four of us are students at a school for spies, and Critter kidnaps our teachers. So we rescue them. And yes, it's as cheesy and ridiculous and low-budgeted as we can make it. I mean, the school uniform is tuxedos - so we're making tuxs out of construction paper. I mean, the opening scene has two security guards going all, "Do you hear that?" "Yeah, sounds like 'Teenage Wasteland!", then it cuts to the four of us inside an air duct (really, a box covered in tinfoil) all belting out the lyrics to "Teenage Wasteland". Then credits, and at the end of the credits we fall out of the air duct and land on the security guards. It's gonna be AWESOME.

In other news, I leave for Maryland Thursday morning, approximately o'dark-thirty. Which means I'll probably be a little out of touch for the next two weeks, since I'll be stuck with dial-up for the most part (well, for the entire part, unless I can latch onto an unsecured wireless and/or make it out to town and sit it on a library connection or something). But hey, just think of it as giving me more time and incentive to work on my TW/CJ crossover! Heh.
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