Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Ramble on, me!

Time for another quick update before I go to bed! First of all, The Last Mimzy is possibly my new favorite movie. It was soooo cool. And because it was a preview screening, I even got a little stuffed Mimzy keychain! So cute! Everyone, you gotta go see the Last Mimzy. It's just... cool.

In other news, I'll be back home tomorrow - er, later today. With my delicious high-speed wireless... (No, I'm NOT drooling in anticipation! ...much.) Which means I'll actually be spending most of tomorrow at airports and on airplanes, and then playing with my kitty! (My mom called my dad today, and he said that he's glad we're coming back; one more week with the cat and he would've strangled him - it seems that without me there to wear him out, Jack has nothing better to do than harass my dad. Every morning at 3AM, he'll attack my dad's head while he's sleeping.)

Yes, I am very very happy to be seeing my kitty again! I think I'm looking forward to that more than I am anything else about home, except possibly school. Which is a weird, scary statement, but true. I miss my school, and all the crazy freaks that go there. So much can happen in two weeks! They're not even going to remember everything that happened in order to tell me, I just know it. You know, all the little things, like when Justin dropped the entire bead container in art, or when Josh sprayed Justin in the eye with breath-freshener, or when Justin and Dom got into their awesome slap-fight.

...I just realized that most amusing moments in my class are courtesy of Justin. Hm. Well, he's more into the physical comedy. Corbin and J.R. are more verbal humor, which is awesome but harder to remember the specifics of.

And this entry really was a 'quick update', was it?
Tags: movies, rl

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