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Wow, I'm feeling like I actually have a... LIFE, or something.

Julia slept over last night. It was totally awesome. We watched some MST3K, an episode of Torchwood, the Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, and SNL, and then I read her the complete Badger series by Maya. Then we went to bed because it was nearly 3AM. We slept in until 1PM, then we went and saw that Last Mimzy (just as cool as the first time I saw it) and drove her back to her place, stopping at Fazoli's for some breadsticks. 'Twas much fun!

After saying bye to Julia, me and my mom went to the Tattered Cover, where (amongst over things) I picked up CC's book. Mostly because I want to actually be able to say, "Ha, I've read the thing you all are wanking about! I am now superior!" My mom also saw a notice in one of the local papers, and got us tickets to the Gaelic Storm concert on Thursday (which will be totally awesome!). THEN we went over to Bonnie's, where I played with Colin and Mariah, the new neighbor-girl (their neighbors adopted her a few months ago). Colin, the three year old, actually called her 'honey buns' at one point. At another point, he was drinking his juice, then asked if I wanted some. I told him I wasn't thirsty, and he considered me for a moment, then said, "I think you are," and tried to get me to take the juice.

Also, when you add together the fact that he was obsessively watching something on Animal Planet about bison while playing with his hundreds (not an exaggeration - they're all quite small and when poured out also fill the entire couch) of animals, and that at the library he checked out books on wildebeest (this lady was all, "Oh, the dinosaur books are over here!" and Bonnie had to say, "Sorry, he just wants books on wildebeest), and the fact that this child has a STUFFED OKAPI (I didn't even know what an okapi was until two years ago)... I think it's safe to say Colin is obsessed with animals. He's also terribly hilarious to be around.

In any case! I plan to spend as much of the night as possible awake, in order to go to bed earlier tomorrow night and wake up in time for school. 'Cause yay, SCHOOL! (Tomorrow's a teacher in-service day, which is why I'm not going tomorrow.) To further this, I shall be reading tons of fanfics (randomly, mostly Harry/Draco slash; if anybody could rec some long HP fics, I'm ready and willing to listen!) and then probably actual books. Hee.
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