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Julia's got a LJ! *dances*

Ev'rybody, go and friend i_like_feelings! That's my buddy Julia. She's awesome, if bizarre, but that just makes her more awesome. In case you're too lazy to even go and read her first entry, here is an excerpt:

Lee and I also decided that if the Torchwood gang were a family, Jack would be the 18 year old brother who deals crack to support the family. However, he can't afford crack, so he deals macademia nuts that he passes off as crack. He's been shot nine times. You can probably guess why.

EDIT: My poll amuses me. I say amuses, because aside from myself and Smithy - who obv. don't count for this - I think there's a definite age-bias. It appears that the younger you are compared to others on my flist, the more likely you are to think I should send him a message from my real account, while the more mature people still think it ought to be sent, but anonymously. Hm. I sure there are great socio-cultural implications enthralled in this, but I'm a little too busy convincing dragonessasmith that she's a black lesbian.
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