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Short TV post

Notes about tonight's NCIS and Law & Order: CI, spoilers ahoy!

Paula Cassidy is dead. Woe! Woe, say I! She was too awesome. Also, I like how they're doing grown-up Tony still with the humor. I sort of loved everybody this episode, although Gibbs is grating on me just a bit.

CI-wise... I love this Peter cop guy. Even though, as of 45 minutes in, I'm highly suspicious of him. I don't wanna be, though, because him and Alex are too cute together. Too bad the Internet's being a jackass and not letting me know who played him. He's cute! Adorable, even!

Also, there's something about sign language that is hot. I can't help it; signing, British accents, Welsh and Arabic speaking, these are things I find hot! I realize that I'm a total freak.

Anyway, even aside from Peter, I think this episode was just plain awesome. Seriously. It should win awards and stuff.
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