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"Lab Rats" = Best. CSI. EVAR.

Seriously. It might have been a half-clip show, but it was still awesometastical.

Otakulee: Are you watching CSI?
theformerclarity: Yaya.
Otakulee: Okie doke
Otakulee: I love the miniature murders.
Otakulee: It's quite an awesome idea
theformerclarity: Word.
theformerclarity: I'm loving the banter currently taking place.
Otakulee: I love the lab rats. It's like our group.
Otakulee: I'm totally Hodges.
theformerclarity: They're so awesome! I want to be just like them!
Otakulee: I know!
theformerclarity: I don't know which one yet...
Otakulee: They're all so awesome, it's hard to pick just one.
theformerclarity: When you think about it, 'Lollipop' is the perfect song to do evil stuff to.
Otakulee: I know, it is!
theformerclarity: That, and 'Banana Phone'.
Otakulee: Oh yes
Otakulee: "How did the killer expect to... kill her?"
Otakulee: Red dog barks at midnight!
Otakulee: *cracks up*
theformerclarity: That is so awesome!
theformerclarity: I'm going to enter into a piligamist marriage with all of them!
Otakulee: *snort*
Otakulee: Polygamous?
theformerclarity: Oh, so that's how you spell it. I've never been quite sure.
Otakulee: Dude, this is creepy!
Otakulee: EEK RAT!
Otakulee: Rat in autopsy!
Otakulee: *cracks up*
theformerclarity: OMG!!
Otakulee: HEE! I just got it. The title of this episode? "Lab Rats".
theformerclarity: lol
Otakulee: (An early title was, "While the Cat's Away...")
theformerclarity: Ah, yes.
theformerclarity: We need to do that.
Otakulee: Do what? I wasn't paying attention
theformerclarity: On the Wendy's commercial? We should all go to Wendy's, order that sandwich, and try to finish it before everyone else, without taking a drink.
Otakulee: Hee, we should!
theformerclarity: The King of Queens. Ah, memories...
Otakulee: Horrible, horrible memories.
Otakulee: *glowers at Ho!Caine*
Otakulee: Yay evidence!
theformerclarity: Haha. We watched TKOQ every night in the loony bin.
Otakulee: And that was supposed to... help?
theformerclarity: *shrug*
theformerclarity: It's actually pretty funny. I don't know if you've seen it, but yeah.
Otakulee: Yeah, I've seen it a bit.
Otakulee: DUDE! Nick/Hodges!
Otakulee: Nick's totally flirting with him.
theformerclarity: Dude, yeah!
Otakulee: I mean, that wasn't even subtle.
theformerclarity: I know. It's obvious. "Maybe we should go out to dinner, to discuss? As friends, colleagues."
Otakulee: *grin*
theformerclarity: That was totally coming.
theformerclarity: And we all know where that'll lead. *eyebrow raise*
Otakulee: *nodnod*
Otakulee: Man, I can't wait to find out all about the Miniature Scene Serial Killer. Seriously, this is way too awesome.
theformerclarity: I'm totally going to become his copycat killer.
Otakulee: *nod*
Otakulee: (Grissom didn't ask him anything.)
Otakulee: "We can hear you."
Otakulee: I <3 Hodges
theformerclarity: "He made me do it."
Otakulee: I also <3 Super!Dave (the guy who said that)
theformerclarity: *nod*
Otakulee: "I think he's on to us, doc."
theformerclarity: "Glory whore."
Otakulee: "Quitter." "Glory whore."
Otakulee: It's so like our group!
theformerclarity: I know! It's eerie.
Otakulee: Oscar would be Archie. They've got the hat thing going on.
theformerclarity: *nod*
Otakulee: I feel sorry for the little Dell boy.
theformerclarity: *nod*
Otakulee: BWAH. They didn't call the number, did they?
theformerclarity: *shakes head* Morons.
Otakulee: Ooh, real smooth!
theformerclarity: Oh noez! Hodges is in trouble!
Otakulee: He better not get hurt!
theformerclarity: I'll kill that bitch if he does!
Otakulee: Ditto!
theformerclarity: Word.
theformerclarity: *lights a torch*
Otakulee: *grabs pitchfork*
theformerclarity: Just getting ready.
Otakulee: Ditto
theformerclarity: It creeps me out that they've got Oville Redenbaucher's cadaver on strings and using it for advertising.
Otakulee: I know, dude
theformerclarity: *shudder*
theformerclarity: Hodges is so awesome.
Otakulee: I know, dude
Otakulee: Totally
Otakulee: I love Henry too
Otakulee: Glances between them, "Okay!"
theformerclarity: Haha, yes.
Otakulee: I love how they turn to look at Hodges
Otakulee: Hee, Hodges!
Otakulee: "When would I have the time, I'm always here."
theformerclarity: "You've never lived in Pennsylvania." I love it.
Otakulee: "Did you guys see Scream?"
Otakulee: It's our group!
theformerclarity: Totally!
Otakulee: Like the little fight over the phone
theformerclarity: Hehe, yeah.
theformerclarity: Seamen? Clown wig? WTF?
Otakulee: (It's semen)
theformerclarity: semen*
theformerclarity: I know. I'm not that stupid.
Otakulee: "The... squeals of dying chickens?"
Otakulee: "No mail in the hen house." BWAHAHAHA
Otakulee: "It's not me, it's the chicken plant."
Otakulee: I am in complete love with this episode.
theformerclarity: Me too.
Otakulee: "Lousy varmits."
Otakulee: Oh, ew.
theformerclarity: Rat autopsy!
Otakulee: The rat ate the mule!
theformerclarity: OMG!
Otakulee: Man, Hodges, smooth
Otakulee: "You friggin' broke it!"
theformerclarity: "I can fix it."
Otakulee: "Kiss my ass."
theformerclarity: Who's that guy?
Otakulee: Greg!
Otakulee: He used to be king of the lab rats, but then he became a CSI.
theformerclarity: Loser.
Otakulee: He also has a flirting thing going on with Hodges, FYI.
theformerclarity: Of course.
Otakulee: (And, well, he did decide to become a CSI after the lab sort of blew up around him.)
theformerclarity: *nod* I guess that's a good reason.
Otakulee: "And honestly, I think you lost your damn mind."
Otakulee: Poor Hodges.
theformerclarity: These people like clothes way too much.
Otakulee: Haha, I know
theformerclarity: That 'Shark' looks interesting.
Otakulee: Shark's pretty cool, yeah
Otakulee: Poor lonely Hodges.
theformerclarity: Stupid caring 4th graders...making the rest of us look bad...
Otakulee: *snort*
Otakulee: BWAH, if only Sarah knew...
Otakulee: "Do you really think Grissom would confide in him? On anything?"
theformerclarity: Hodges=puppetmaster
Otakulee: Oh, Hodges.
Otakulee: He's such a geek.
Otakulee: Lucky chips. *headdesk*
theformerclarity: Awwz, Hodges so happy!
Otakulee: Three's Company Board Game.
Otakulee: *hugs Hodges*
Otakulee: Don't worry, Hodgey, I luff you!
theformerclarity: The Jamaican mob?
Otakulee: Why not?
theformerclarity: Hmm.
Otakulee: ...this is kind of interesting. In a weird way.
Otakulee: I luff Hodges.
theformerclarity: Bleach.
Otakulee: *nod*
Otakulee: Yay, Hodges! He did good.
theformerclarity: Yay!
theformerclarity: Hodges totally has a crush on Grissom.
Otakulee: Oh totally.
Otakulee: Either that, or he's still seeking approval from a father-figure.
theformerclarity: *nod*

And in the spirit of CSIness, I present: me and the group as the lab rats!

Me - Wendy (commandeering and bitchy FTW!)
Julia - Mandy (subtle eye-rolling humor FTW!)
Piper - Hodges (delusional, obsessive freak with an inflated sense of self-worth)
Oscar - Archie (as previously stated)
Patrick - Henry (normal, and a pushover)
Emily - Greg, the rocker side.
Carter - Greg, the geek side.

(So, I... ship Piper/Emily/Carter? Huh? Er, ignore me.)
Tags: csi, rl, tv

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