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Random NCIS thought, plus real life.

...I totally had the random thought that the Big Yes on NCIS (le Grenoille, or however it's spelled) is Daddy DiNozzo. I think I need more sleep. Or possibly a brain. *smacks head on wall*

Also, must go and see Hot Fuzz! There's a cameo by the guy who played Bernie on the third episode of Torchwood, and I'm kind of in love with that guy.

Furthermore (I learned a new way of saying 'also', aren't y'all proud of me?), I totally turned in a piece of HP/Torchwood fanfic for school. And yes, I'm getting credit for it. I love my school. I just... I really, truly love my school. Even if I never get anything done sixth or seventh hour - sixth hour I get too caught up talking with Josh and/or Nathan, and seventh... Well, Josh A. and J.R. Need I say any more? The two of them are the perfect comedy routine. Also, we've got a bunch of interesting handshakes. They're quite fun.

I've started watching this season of Doctor Who (yes, yes, I know, I'm dreadfully behind). I've also got Julia watching season one of Doctor Who - she's seen through "The Doctor Dances" now, and her favorite is still "The Empty Child". I still say that, "Are you my mummy?" is the creepiest thing evar.

Starfest is this weekend! We don't have school Friday, but I have a psych appointment at 3PM. I also have to cut out early Saturday, because Emily's having her birthday party from 5-7PM at Lucky Strikes Lanes. They've got great food and music there.

Random other news: I finished health, so at this point I just need to finish world history (twelve assignments to go) and a quarter of an elective (which I'm taking tons of right now), and I'm finished! I'll still be hanging around until the end of the year, of course. It's too much fun not to!
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