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Sanjaya and baroosh

So. I totally had a whacked out dream last night.

At first, I was the best friend of Sanjaya (yes, the Sanjaya-from-American-Idol; no, I don't watch American Idol) and was comforting him, saying that even if he didn't win AI, he had such a large fanbase that he'd get a record deal. And he said that yeah, but it'd be like William Hung! And I said, well, that's how it'll start, but then they'll hear your beautiful voice - and I love your voice, really, it's just perfect! - and then they'll become fans!

And then, suddenly, I was part of a special ops unit, and we jumped out a window into the ocean, where we swam to this island that we tried to infiltrate. We wound up surrounded by people with guns (note: the guns were, like, Revolution-era, and the town was from an Old West movie), and their leader came forth. And he was all, "Instead of battle, we shall play a game!"
Me: "Rugby?"
Him: "It is a spin-off of football!"
Me: "Rugby?"
Him: "It is.... BAROOSH!"
Everyone on my special ops team: *GASPS OF HORROR*
Me: "...rugby?"

I woke up before I found out what baroosh was. (Note: according to Google, Baroosh is a town in the UK.)

I kind of love me.
Tags: dreams, rl

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