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So I got bored. And decided to surf Getty to find pictures of the Torchwood members as they are in my upcoming Torchwood/HP crossover - that is, as eleven year olds. I think I did at least okay! (Actually, the only one I'm really attached to is young!Jack, and that's because I didn't use a Getty image for him...)

Gwen. I'll admit, it was entirely the hair. But still, it actually works! I was hoping to find a kid with the same weird teeth she has, but no luck.

Ianto. What can I say, they didn't have many choices in that age range wearing a suit, so I went with the next best.

Owen. Again, I was looking for somebody with a wider mouth, but this guy works alright.

Tosh. Getty's kind of a bastard when it comes to finding 11 year old Asian girls, so I went with the best I could find.

Yes, that's young!Shawn from Psych. But he works so perfectly for young!Jack, too! I mean, here's a pic of the real John Barrowman as a kid - note the similarities?

In other news... said TW/HP fic is currently at well over 8K words. Expected to get larger, I'm just wondering how to change events that took place in Chamber of Secrets. Plotting is quite fun!
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