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WIP Meme!

An original, medieval-fantasy-parody story:

Really, burning a person alive was one thing. Setting the fire using wood that said person was allergic to was just pure cruelty.

An original sci-fi-ish story:

Caretaker had questioned her about this research, but Caretaker changed every year, so Caretaker never learned that you do not take what the Doctors said at face value. Especially not when, for the first time in apparently fifteen years, the Doctors told you how old you were.

Original story, a try at second person:

You tense at every laugh, every group action. They'll notice, you think. They notice. You're not like them. You're not them. You don't fit.

HP self-insert story:

“Exchange students?” Harry asked incredulously. “I didn't think they were allowed!”

“Well, not normally, but I heard that their school was demolished in a cataclysmic, unexplained event,” Hermione whispered to him.

The second chapter of my CJ boarding-school AU:

Jordan had barely gotten a sentence out when a handful of people left the room, realizing a bit slowly that this was another hare-brained scheme and not actually something important. The rest who were not interested were respectful enough to wait for her to finish the quick Summary of Events and What We Plan to Do About Them before shaking their heads and leaving (this included James – a creepy quiet guy who had won the 'Most Likely to Become a Serial Killer' title for every year he'd been there; Devan, Peter, and Cal, who felt that they were in enough trouble as-is and besides, were not interested in corpses; and Sidney, who probably would have been interested but was being killed by all of his advanced classes and really needed to do some homework).

The third chapter of my HP/Buffy fic where random Buffy characters are first years and related to HP characters thanks to Ethan Rayne:

The others joined in with laughing at him, mostly that Creevey chit who was the Slayer and Wesley's twin who was her sister. Spike made a face. This whole double-identity thing was confusing.

The second chapter of "Banners Flying High", this old HP fic of mine starring my very first RPG character:

Draco glared at her, but Tracey Davis was probably the only Slytherin in their year that didn't wilt at the sight of the Malfoy Glower – and not solely by virtue of being his cousin. (Technically, Millicent Bulstrode wasn't cowed by Draco either, but Slytherins generally agreed that in generalizations, Bulstrode didn't count – as opposed to Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, who couldn't count.)

From my upcoming "Smith and Jones" fic, starring Zacharias Smith and Megan Jones, and Wayne Hopkins in a supporting role. Meet Zacharias Smith's semi-step-mother, Maria:

“I swear, Zach'rias, you act like I didn't teach you any mannahs!” She continued to grumble for a while, but Zacharias just tuned her out. He was really quite good at it. Maria had been their butler for years, and before that had been his nanny. Now she was his step-mother, at least in a sense. A very disturbing sense. (She was also not actually foreign in the least; both she and her family had lived in London going back over a century, she just thought the accent made her sound exotic. Which it might have, if she had ever settled on a single accent.)

And finally, the most difficult to pick a line from (since it's at nearly 10K words now), my HP/Torchwood fic that takes place in an AU second year with the TW crew as firsties. In this scene, 11-year-old!Owen runs into Hermione:

“Professor Lockhart is a great duelist!” proclaimed the bushy brown-haired girl standing with the redheads. “Haven't you read his books?”

“Right, because nobody could ever lie in a book. That's why there's no such things as fiction.” Owen's voice was dry and sarcastic, not that this was any change from its usual tone.

I had forgotten how awesome my story about Two (that's the blurb with Caretaker and the Doctors; the main character is named Two) is. I need to continue that. Also, I need to bulk out my second-person story: it's technically done, but I really need more. I think. Actually, it might work better just as it. Okay, I'll do an informal poll:

Should I post my second-person story now, or should I keep staring at it in the hopes of bulking it up?
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