Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

"In the Dark", and British!Humanex!

I love Jimmy. Srsly. I think he may be my absolute favorite character now, even beating out Tony. I still love Tony, of course, but Jimmy comes before him in my heart now.

Also, I have a theory on Hollis Mann: They put her in just so we'd all decide we like Madame Director. I swear that's it! You notice how MD wasn't in this episode, but HolMan was all over the place? Yeah, they're trying to warm us up to MD.

And it's working, at least for me.

Next week: The Big Yes sends an assassin after Abby? Maybe? Aaaaah!

Anyway, I've totally started watching Skins, and it's totally completely awesome. It's like British!Humanex!

Also, me and Julia have decided that when we grow up, we will move to England and marry gay British guys, and our husbands will date, and we'll live in townhomes next to each other, and we'll have like thirty cats and a bunch of Ukrainian children.

Look, we're freaks. We know this. We're also going to hell, we've decided, thanks to our horrible senses of humor. But at least it's good company!

(In other news, we're also no longer telling really bad jokes for the talent show; instead, we'll be doing a finger-puppet version of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.)
Tags: ncis, rl, tv

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