Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Dude. Yes.

If you founded a religion...
Created by EvilAuthor on Memegen.net

The Monks Of The Blue Angel

Your followers are a tight-knit bunch,

who would step over their own grandmother for a buck,

who are free and fun loving,

and who are encouraged to achieve greater spiritual enlightenment by questioning their own beliefs.

Your followers wear whatever they want,

but your priests wear

brightly colored cowboy hats

a brooch containing a portrait of you

a friendship bracelet

a pouch full of pamphlets about the faith

a locket containing a couple of your skin-flakes

Your followers are

a major religion (over 120,000,000),

and they are actively and aggressively seeking to convert others to the One True Faith.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
Who would be able to join your religion?

Tags: memes

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