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I love life!

Fuck allergies, dude. Seriously, fuck 'em. I've got a great sore throat, keep coughing, and have horrible achy and watery eyes. That's nice.

Also, a poignant "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" convo:

Otakulee: If this guy makes 1 mill, I will die.
Otakulee: I will seriously die
theformerclarity: If he makes more money than either of us will ever see, combined...I will kill myself.
Otakulee: Suicide pact?
theformerclarity: *nod* We have to go to, like, King Soopers if/when we kill ourselves. They'll never get any business again. *giggle*
Otakulee: Dude, yes.
theformerclarity: Or Chuck E Cheese! Traumatize some kids, yupyup.
Otakulee: Yeah, but they're always full of shootings. We'd probably wind up getting killed by a crazy gunman before we could off ourselves.
theformerclarity: True.
theformerclarity: We should kill ourselves on TV! Marilyn Manson would love us!

God, I love my friends. Even if this might not be allergies, but Julia giving me her brother's strep throat. I still love 'em. I'm going to my second-ever concert with her on Tuesday, by the way, it's Against Me!/Mastadon/Cursive. Or something like that. I'm going just because I want to mosh, man. Everybody was too drunk to mosh at Gaelic Storm (heh).
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