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So. This is random, but are there any Snape/Petunia shippers out there?

Also, the movie Nemesis Game is kind of totally awesome. I only saw the first half, because I then fell asleep, but my mom told me the rest of it, and dude. Awesome.

And finally, my answer to the 3 interests/3 icons thing (which I cheated and did twice, mwah!):

Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 icons, for you to explain in your journal.

Jensen Ackles Being a terrible person, I am far behind on Supernatural, but I loved Jensen on Dark Angel, and on the Supernatural I've seen. Come on, guy's hot! That's enough of a reason.

Crossovers I love crossovers, both fanfiction and actually on TV. It's fun to see how characters imagined up by completely different people interact with each other.

Matthew Gray Gubler Again, mm, although in a bit of a geeky way. Also, he's totally awesome even sans looks, check his website: http://www.matthewgraygubler.com/ Also check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Ll4LAoeZE for the Unauthorized MGG Documentary (keep in mind that it's not serious).

The Cow Of Pain "Are you the cow of pain?!" A quote from the awesome show Wonderfalls, when a little cow figurine is really annoying Jaye. It was awesome and hilarious, so I put it in my interests.

Hot Irish Boys Because Irish boys ARE hot! I'd give links, but... well, how to narrow down the list to just a few? It's impossible! Just take it from me (and also don't Google that exact phrase at work, because the second link is gay porn).

Bandannas Are just plain awesome. I went through this phase where I would always wear bandannas, mostly red, black, and blue. Plus, the McQuaid brothers on 21 Jump Street wear 'em!


(Dark Angel-related, for those who don't know.) Well, both Michael Weatherly and Jensen Ackles are dead sexy, and Max is really freaking annoying, so why not take her out of the picture and let Alec and Logan get together? It'd be totally hot and amusing, which are my two prerequisites to everything. (Also, the idea of Max/Sketchy is too hilariously awesome for her to be with either Alec or Logan.)

(Law & Order: SVU) Because nobody remembers him, even though he was totally awesome! They should bring him back, man. He was soooo cool.

(Oz) Oh, Murph. He was just too cool for school, and his expression in that particular cap was just so older-brother-I-told-you-not-to-do-it, I had to make an icon. And I like how it turned out, so I kept it!

My first try at a good text-only icon, using a quote from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The single most hilarious quote evar, I'll have you know!

Radio Free Roscoe, man. Awesome show. About four kids who get together and form an underground radio station at their high school, and the hijinx that ensue. Robbie's the one in the booth, Travis is the one doing hand-signals at him, and they are RFR OTP, because Robbie's pretty deep (his codename is Question Mark on the show). It's just a totally awesome show.

This would be an icon I originally made for my Rescue Me claim at vowel_icons, and it's one of the ones I've kept because it works even in an out-of-fandom context, since I'm not into RM anymore. (In the show, the other firefighters decided that Garrity looked like a monkey, so they filled his locker with bananas.

Check this out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0431308/ It's got James Marsters, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lisa Kudrow, DEAN WINTERS, and a bunch of other people. God, I must see this!
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