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"What the Deaf Man Heard", and games!

YES! Today has been a day of discovery. I finally figured out the name of the one Hallmark movie I've ever lover: What the Deaf Man Heard. God, I LOVED that movie. The ending was so freaking awesome. And I totally didn't realize that all these actors were in it - if I remember correctly, I thought the priest was hot. Between this and Sliders, Jerry O'Connell was an early love of mine.

Hm. The movie is accessible. It shall go on my list next to the games 'Zoombinis Legendary Journey' and 'Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries'. God, my childhood. I remember it like... well, like it was about ten years ago. Lookit that!

(Note: I looked at the movie's vote history on IMDb, and unsurprisingly enough it is highest rated by 'Females under 18' and 'Females 45+'.)

Also, I've downloaded a tonne of games from the 1980s. I so psyched!
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