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Saturday was the best Saturday in ever.

So. Prom was completely and totally awesome. But let's do this chronologically, eh?

First; The Inn at Auraria was having an open house yesterday 11AM-3PM. It's basically like a residence hall, with students from Metro State, Community College of Denver, and CU Denver (the Auraria campus). It's also totally awesome - the rooms are organized into suites, with a full kitchen/living room, two bathrooms, and four private rooms. Plus, 72 channels of cable including HBO, and wireless Internet! So I applied and will probably move in mid-August. Mwah. Oh, and did I mention there's a 24 hour coffee service in the lounge that ALSO makes hot chocolate, or that I'll be somewhere between the 17th and 30th floors? Or that it's right across the street from the Denver Center for Performing Arts? Oh, I hadn't? Well, there you go!

Second; we then walked over to Metro's campus to see if the admissions office was open (it wasn't) and to check out where exactly the prom was going to be (we knew it was going to be at the Tivoli Student Union, but we weren't sure of the exact place). Even though the admissions office was closed, they had some computers open and I found out that yes, I had FINALLY been processed through and accepted! Yay! So I scheduled myself an orientation (which needs to be done before I can register for classes, which start the end of this month), which will be Tuesday, 8AM-noon. Hooray! (Also, I'm exempt from all the preliminary tests because of my test scores.)

Third; we got home, I took a shower to wash all the dust of the day off, went into my mom's room... and promptly fell asleep on her bed while listening to the Fairly Oddparents. My mom woke me up about an hour later, and I finished getting ready. Then we hopped in the car and my mom drove me over to Julia's place, where she and Julia's mom took copious amounts of photos of us before my mom went back home, and me, Julia, her mother, and Brad (her brother) got in the SUV and drove downtown. We were planning on stopping in the Tivoli's food court to get some Taco Bell, but the food court was closed. So we just went to the prom and ate lots of the snacks they had out. (Julia's mom and brother went to ESPN Zone on the 16th Street Mall while we were at prom.)

Fourth; there was prom itself, and it was AWESOME. Me and Piper took a trillion and eight pictures, and I discovered that endorphins have the same effect on me as alcohol does to most people. There was a Queer Prom going on literally right next to us, and at one point my group (me, Julia, Piper, Grace, and Josh) were hanging around outside, a group from the Queer prom waved at us, and we had this following coversation:


Then there was the point where we all ran into the middle of the dance floor and did the macarena during a slow song, or when we got bored and sang the moose song (it's about bestiality), and Andrew totally showed up with a GUY, and then we all sat around and sang "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al, and - it was just AWESOME. So awesome. (Plus: someone at other prom hollered, "Who wants to date Carlos?" into their crowd, and I yelled out, "ME!" And Josh at one point said something about 'taking the mickey, or the roofie', to which I responded with a yell of, "Taking the mickey is making fun of someone! It has nothing to do with date rape!", and Grace and Julia were complete pyros, and also kept throwing confetti on all of us, and then Corynn's date totally mooned Grace, and when Dom and Alec showed up Grace went all, "No, guys, Queer Prom's over THERE," and...)

It was just plain awesome. You can check out the pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2031107&l=6b47f&id=203804107 .
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