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Random stuff 'bout today.

So I woke up around 3PM today. Heh. Probably because I was reading the third Percy Jackson book all last night (awesome book series about Greek myths in modern day). The third book is way cool. But anyway. I woke up at 3PM, ate three croissants and a ham-cheese omelet, and sat at the computer for a while. Not too long, though, before I jumped up and ran out to GameStop to pick up a memory card for my PS2. I also got three used games, bringing my current total of PS2 games to: Rugby 2006, Buffy: Chaos Bleeds, Singstar Pop, Singstar Rock, Sega Genesis pack, Sims 2, Quidditch World Cup, and Dark Angel. Yup. I got a Dark Angel game. I'm ridiculously happy about that.

I'm also way too tired for someone who hasn't actually done anything today and have only been up for a little bit. Sigh. I wanna nap. Or do something. I DON'T KNOW!
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