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Life - or something like it (was a pretty good movie)

So, yesterday, I hung out with Julia. First we went to Red & Jerry's, where we spent most of the time shooting up zombies until we ran out of credit. 'Twas quite fun! Even though Julia's accuracy rating means that if zombies ever DO take over, she's so not getting a gun. She can be the bait.

Anyway, then we went and saw Pirates, and it was awesome, even though me and Julia kept giggling and saying 'assbabies' at random moments, which has nothing to do with the movie. It was awesome. We had also stopped at a candy store beforehand, so me and Julia got a little hopped up on sugar.

Julia slept over at my house, but because of the late showing (Pirates is long), we were only awake for maybe two hours after we got to my house. In that time, we watched the first two episodes of the Sentinel. Heh. Then we went to sleep, Julia on the couch and me in the recliner. Then we woke up, and almost immediately afterwards Julia's mom showed up to take her home. Heh.

In other news, I graduate tonight. Yep. Sure do. *runs around in a circle, screaming head off* 7PM is when the dinner starts, and the ceremony starts at 8.30PM. AAAAH. Heh. I'm a bit freaked out, but not a whole lot, because it's not like I go to a huge school or anything. *snort* And then, of course, I start college on Tuesday. Hee.
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