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So, I'm an official hi-skool grad-you-it. Awesome. The ceremony was actually pretty fun, since there were only 23 seniors.

One part of the ceremony was Andrew doing the graduate roast/opposite awards. Basically, he'd talk about each of us for a while, and then give us a little present. For instance: he said Jesse didn't like anime, actually hated it, and loved Carebears... so he gave him a Carebear; Josh he gave a trash bag full of shredded paper, because Josh "doesn't" care about the environment; and gave Carter an American flag because Carter once staged a sit-in during Andrew's class over one work point.

As for me, when I went up, he started by saying that I was NEVER distracting, not in the least, that I was always quiet and well-behaved, and you'd never find me yelling, "Andrew, you look like a beach bum! Who comes to school like that?", or running around a Barnes & Noble with a bag on my head ranting about Veronica Mars. And then, he gave me... a bag. Which yes, as soon as we threw our caps in the air, I then put on. Don't worry, we've got plenty of pictures. *grin* I had lots of fun!

So now I get an abbreviated summer of four days, and then it's off to college! Heh. I love me.
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