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So, I'm totally switching my major from history/education to anthropology/linguistics. Because... yeah. I love anthropology.

Anyway, classes! They all seem pretty cool, although I may have to smack my math teacher. Oh, it's not hard stuff - but when I solved the first problem by cross-multiplying, he didn't accept that. Instead, he went: "Ah, but WHY does cross-multiplying work? Hm?" I was all, "I dunno, it's one of those mysterious math things! It just DOES!" The geography class is alright. It's not super-exciting or anything, but it's good.

But my cultural anthro class? AWESOME. The teacher is freakin' hilarious! He told us his vague life story that, if he wasn't making most of it up, includes him owning a tire store as a tax shelter from the IRS. Srsly. On the board, next to his name, office number, and cell number, was a number for Quality Tires - he said that if we can't reach him in his office or on his cell, he's at the tire store.
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