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Stupid Eljay. *grumbles*

Is LJ being a jackass to anybody else? It's totally screwing with my ability to leave comments. Let's see if this post even goes through.

Six Ships I Love
1. Matt Seely/Bug
2. Tony DiNozzo/Tim McGee
3. Harry Potter/Zacharias Smith
4. Greg Sanders/David Hodges
5. Ianto Jones/Owen Harkness
6. Don Flack/Adam Ross/Sheldon Hawkes

Three Ships I Liked, But Don't Anymore
7. Tony DiNozzo/Abby Scuito
8. Robert Goren/Alex Eames
9. Jack Harkness/the Doctor

Three Ships I Don't Like
10. Sara Sidle/Grissom
11. Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David
12. Lindsay Monroe/Danny Messer

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don't Actually Ship
13. Ianto Jones/the Doctor
14. Greg Sanders/Catherine Willows

1.) Why do you dislike #11 so much? (Tony/Ziva)
I actually don't completely hate it. I don't like it because it seems too pat, really.

2.) Who is someone you know that ships #13? (Ianto/the Doctor)
Man, I dunno. Maybe someone in one of my comms.

3.) What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (even if the show isn't on the air anymore)? (Harry/Zacharias)
After Voldemort's defeated, Zacharias is still the only person who follows Harry, but questions him. Which annoys Harry. Ideally, Harry will be the one to act on their obvious lust for each other. *nod*

4.) Which is your favorite episode for #1? Try to pick just one. (Matt/Bug)
"The Elephant in the Room". Because it has a shark, Bug comparing him and Matt to Jordan and Woody, and Matt sticking up for Bug.

5.) How long have you been following couple #6? (Flack/Ross/Hawkes)
Um, since "Charge of This Post", when Hawkes and Flack were the only ones who looked concerned for Adam. It warmed my heart, and Danny was pissing me off, so I decided to put all my faves together.

6.) What's the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring? (Goren/Eames)
Mostly, the show just continued. Also, hot deaf-interpreter cop was created.

7.) Which ship do you prefer - #2 or #4? (Tony/McGee or Harry/Zacharias)
Harry/Zacharias - but this could easily change if there was more Tony/McGee written out there.

8.) You have the power to make one ship non existent. Choose from #10 or #12. (Sara/Grissom or Lindsay/Danny)
Lindsay/Danny. Easy.

9.) What interests you about #14? (Greg/Catherine)
Dunno. Greg seems like the type into older women, and we know Catherine's into younger men. Plus, imagine the 'bringing Greg home to meet Lindsey' scenario. That would be awesome.

10.) When did you stop liking #7? (Tony/Abby)
Man, I'm not sure. I think around the time when I started going 'zomg, slash!' all the time. Plus, I just decided they work better as psuedo-siblings.

11.) Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show? (Jack/the Doctor)
Hee, NO. That would def. be a no.

12.) What's a song that reminds you of #5? (Ianto/Owen)
Heh, pretty much any of the ones off of killerspork33's fanmix.

13.) Which of these ships do you love the most?
Ooh, tough. I think either Greg/Hodges or Ianto/Owen. Mostly because of teh snark.

14.) Which do you dislike the most?
Lindsay/Danny. I don't know why I dislike them more than Grissom/Sara, but I do. Maybe it's because I've never liked Grissom or Sara, but I rather liked Danny before the relationship - and I might've liked Lindsay, if she'd been anything other than an obvious romantic entanglement from the start.

15.) If you could have any of these two pairings double date, who would it be? (even better if they're from different shows)
So... many... choices... Well, in the Matt-Tony roomies world that Smithy and I have created, I'd go with Matt/Bug and Tony/McGee (actually, that just gave me an idea...). Otherwise, I think I'll go with Ianto/Owen and Greg/Hodges. Heck, I just wanna put Owen and Hodges in a room together, really.

16.) Have #2 kissed yet? Elaborate if you'd like. (Tony/McGee)
BWAH. Um, no. Although there is a chance - not of serious kissing, but joke kissing could happen. It IS NCIS!

17.) Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely? (Greg/Hodges)
Well, neither of them are dead yet. And given all the crap they're putting Greg through, it doesn't seem likely that they'll kill him anytime soon, so I'll say sure! Not as a couple, though. Because CSI is Obv. Not Gay, Totalz.

18.) What would make you start shipping #13? (Ianto/The Doctor)
Um, maybe them even being on the same series as one another? That might help.

19.) If only one could happen, which would you prefer - #2 or #6? (Tony/McGee or Flack/Adam/Hawkes)
...zomg. I have to pick one?! Actually, I'll go with Flack/Adam/Hawkes, because Tony/McGee is better when it's all in my mind. *grin*

20.) You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them? (Sara/Grissom)
The writers decide to actually go through with what they're threatening, and kill off Sara, and Grissom gets all depressed and leaves the show. Gawd, that'd be AWESOME.
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