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Julia's going to hell. And taking me with her. + ASK ME!

theformerclarity: Hitler Youth...it could compare to Jesus's little following of children.
theformerclarity: "Hitler loves me/this I know/for Wikipedia/tells me so/we are weak/but he is strong/yes, Hitler loves me/yes, Hitler loves me..." need I go on?

theformerclarity: 'Night of the Long Knives'. *sigh* Hitler sometimes disappoints me.

theformerclarity: I love German last names.
biscuiteatingsob: You should marry a gay German!
biscuiteatingsob: They've got good chocolate.
theformerclarity: Word.

Now that we're all going to hell, I announce something!


Go ahead, do it. It can be a question about me, or anything at all. In case of the first, I will be as honest as possible without landing me on federal watch lists (if the convo up there didn't do it, anyway). In case of the latter, I shall try my hardest to be hilarious. Have at you!
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