Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Someone should monitor my dreams. They'd make awesome movies.

Okay, so. I had a simply bizarre dream last night. Well, actually, two dreams. One took place at a concert, I think, except that the concert was at a stadium that was shaped rather like a school - actually, it was a symphony, I remember now! Anyway. That one was interesting, but not in an easily descriptable way.

The second one, though, that was... wow. I mean, gang warfare! I was this guy, part of the Red gang (we wore red shirts, no Star Trek jokes plz). We were going out to battle the Greens, and I got solid intel that there were a bunch of Greens in this one building. So I went there, and started gunning people down... and then realized that they were actually Blues! Who we had no quarrel with! Of course, now they were shooting back, so I kept shooting, but tried for non-fatal shots this time as I tried to escape.

So I got back to Red HQ, and whisper what happened to my friends. Now, obv., the Blues arrive at HQ all hollering and threatening, and it's going to escalate rather quickly (because the other Reds have no idea why the Blues are freaking out at them), and my friends push me forward going, "DO SOMETHING!"

So I stand in the middle, and holler, "HEY!" Everyone quiets down, stares at me. And I lose my nerve to confess, so I turn to the head Blue, and go all, "How do you know for sure it wasn't a Green or something, dressed up like one of us, tryin' ta frame us?"

The lead Blue is all, yeah, hm, that's true. But hey, we've got witnesses! Let's see. So she goes and gets this kid (literally, kid - the rest of us are late teens or so, and the witness is maybe 8). I puff out my cheeks, narrow my eyes a little, and flare my nostrils, in the hopes of making my facial structure different enough not to be recognized. It doesn't work, and the kid identifies me. The Blues immediately grab me (and the Reds, including my friends, immediately go, bye-bye!), even more pissed off since I tried to push blame on someone else.

I ask if I can talk to their leader before they kill me, and they (reluctantly) agree. So I start off, all, "I know you have no reason to trust me, especially after that little stunt, but I swear to you that we all our intel said it was a Green hideout, full of them. I swear. And as soon as I noticed that it was Blues, not Greens, I started to shoot only in defense, and not fatally.

The Blue leader believes me, and also has an idea. She pushes another Blue out of the way of the computer and brings up an image before dragging me over. "What do you see?" she demands. I blink. "A gray circle." And then wonder why she's showing me a gray circle. It turns out to be a version of this (yes, rly), so she grimly says: "You're color-blind. And someone in the Red intel knows."

And then I woke up. Damn, I wanna know what happened! Who was the mole in the Red intel who was trying to start a war between the Reds and Blues? How will I and the Blue leader bring him/her down?! Will the Blues accept our burgeoning relationship given that I massacred a bunch of them?! I want to know!
Tags: dreams

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