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Dios de... Whatever 'Luck' is in Spanish

I officially declare today a day of luck!

Not only did I discover that I am a B student when it comes to classes I a, find difficult, b, don't pay attention in, and c, don't study for (i.e., I got an 82 on the first exam in geography); I also managed to dodge the GLOBALWARMINGZOMG chicks while going from Tivoli to Science! Score! *pumps fist*

Er, right. Pretend I did something cool there, okays?

Also, I finally had the epiphany that the teacher's not going to do anything if I play games during classes, as long as I'm not disruptive, so I switched back and forth between writing fanfics (on paper) and playing Puzzle Quest (on DS) all class. I no longer dread geography, for now I can distract myself during it! Hoorah!

Anyway, I'm sittin in the... east? entrance to the Science building, because there's four frikkin' outlets right here, as opposed to the, er, one inside the lounge (and that one's directly next to the copier). I shall spend the next hour checking my flist and finding more macros comms to add! (Yay, macros!)

And possibly typing up the two pages I wrote of my HP mpreg. But maybe not.
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