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Okay, story of teh weekend: Saturday I went over to Julio's, where we watched Fight Club and hollered, "You are NOT YOUR FUCKING KHAKIS!" a few too many times. Then we looked at some Doctor Who macros, and then her family came back so we headed back over to my house.

As soon as we got here, I set up my laptop and started downloading the latest Doctor Who while we played Singstar in battle mode. (After watching Jeopardy, where Final Jeopardy was a question about rugby and I sort of spazzed out.) Julia won most of the time, but I beat her on Good Charlotte's "Boys & Girls", the Gorillaz's "Feel Good Inc", and the Fray's "Over My Head (Cable Car)". That last one? I did totally awesome on. Me and Julia decided it was because they're from Colorado, and therefore we have similar voices. Or something. Because I did awesome on that song. We also sang James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" in ridiculously high-pitched voices.

Anyway, once it finished downloading, we sat down to watch it. This took about two and a half hours, because we had to pause here and there to watch the Soup and the Soup Presents the Best of the Worst Dating Show Moments. And then we had to keep pausing and rewinding the episode itself because we kept squeeing over various moments and missing some stuff.

After that, we pretty much went to sleep. Or, well, Julia did. I stayed up an hour or so more to write moar mpreg.

In the morning, we sat around eating breakfast and watching Spongebob. We realized after a while that it was kind of disturbing that we were quoting, in unison, about half of each episode. (Like, episode title pops up, Julia goes, "I love this episode!" And I go, "YELLOW!", and she goes, "PINK!")

It took a while, but we eventually got bored of Spongebob and set up my Wii. We then played Wii Sports and WarioWare, and had massive fun, although I managed to pull a tendon in my arm.

So, today I went to class. Where we watched a cool video. And also found out that we've got our first Cultural Anthro exam (worth a third of our grade) on Wednesday. AIIIE! Ahem. I also have a math problem due tomorrow, and a huge packet due for geography on... Thursday? Next Tuesday (as in, not tomorrow)? I cannae remember!

Oh well. I'll do the math during geography and I'll do the geography eventually. For now, I must play Sims 2 while watching Fairly Oddparents and waiting for me mum to return with a French Dip sandwich for me!
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