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This just in: Subway's new pizza is rather good. Also just in: the people working at the Tivoli Center's Subway right now? SUCK. It took them at least five minutes per person, and they didn't even seem the least bit concerned that they had a huge-ass line of people waiting. Argh. I mean, normally I don't criticize, but in this case I think even I would have been faster. And that's saying something.

(Also, visit http://www.fanfiction.net/~smrt1 for a new chapter of HP mpreg, HP/Torchwood, and TW/Crossing Jordan.)

Sigh. Am bored. Wish to blow things up. And burn things. And just... well, not be bored! Argh! And I actually have to go to math today, too, since I have to turn in my toothpick problem. *curses teh math*

Oh well. As soon as I finish downloading screencaps of "The Sound of Drums", I'll head over to Science and sit in the entrance area again. Maybe play some Sims, just to weird out people. Because that's what I exist to do. I hope we're let out early today from math... I'm just not in a math-y mood. Plus, I have to cram for my cult anthro exam (tomorrow) and geography exam (Thursday). More for geo than anthro - I do need to memorize the specific time periods and tools associated with them, but the rest of it I have down. Geography, meanwhile... yeah, let's not even think about how much I have to cram with that. (At least it's counting for three of my six required Level II General Studies - Social Studies credits. Otherwise I would be ready to kill.)

Soo... boooooored... Ahem. Perhaps I'll play my rugby game instead of Sims 2. Eh, who knows. Oh! I remember what I forgot to mention! I totally went bat-shit crazy with some of my graduation money and got a bunch of things off teh intarwebz: two bumper stickers (one says 'my other car is dimensionally transcendental' with a picture of the TARDIS; the other says 'forget Republican and Democrat, vote Independent! The Browncoats will rise again' and has the Independents' flag from Firefly); two shirts (one is a simple 'VOTE SAXON [X]' shirt, the other has a pair of 3D glasses and the line, "I'd call you genius, except I'm in the room"); a bunch of DW action figures (Captain Jack, Rose and K-9, Mickey, Ten & a Dalek & a Cyberman); and a sonic screwdriver pen with "psychic" paper.

Yes, I'm a geek. We knew this already! I mean, I have the Library of Congress call number for forensic anthropology written on my arm, what else am I gonna be? Just be glad that my mom talked me out of getting the TARDIS rolling backpack. Well, that WOULD be one way of letting people know where I stand, I suppose...

Oh, and on that note, how likely do you think it would be for me to be able to create a geek club for Metro? We only need, like, four people! Any of yous who go to Metro/know people who go to Metro, spread the word! I want a Geek Club.
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