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Warped was fun!

I am in so much pain, and it was SO worth it.

We arrived, and then stood in line for, oh, probably an hour. We finally got in, and could they make the layout any more confusing?! Ah, but it was part of the fun! We wandered around, ran into Patrick (we ran into Emily in the line), and slid down the giant slip'n'slide - that was FUN. We went twice. We got a water bottle that we refilled in the sink and otherwise kept in Julia's bag. We listed to some bands, watched the skateboarders, etc., until one of the groups we wanted to see came on.

That would be New Found Glory, of course. We got right in there, and formed part of mosh/slam-dancing circle - which we of course participated in! We also both fell down at least once, and got beaned with beer bottles (plastic, of course), and got beer poured over us. It was awesome fun!

Then we took a breather, and eventually came back to the same stage, just in time for Pennywise. We started on the outside of the crowd, and then Pennywise came out. And suddenly we were shoved into the middle of the jumping, shoving mass of people! Julia went down, and I was too busy keeping myself up to try and help her. And right after this heavily tattooed guy helped her up and made sure she was alright? This guy crowd surfed right over both of us and nearly knocked our glasses off. Eventually we managed to make our way out before we suffocated.

It also started to rain just then, so we left Warped and headed down to 16th Street Mall, where we visited Virgin Records, then met up with Carter and ate some Taco Bell, then went to Hot Topic, and then went over to Starbucks and meditated over decaf coffee (Julia), Chai tea (Carter), and hot chocolate (me, of course). Then we headed home.

A picture of me and a friend when I was around five. Aren't I cute? (I'm on the left.)
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