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Fueled by ginger ale!

So I just took a 'which mix of the Hogwarts houses are you' quiz, and... yeah. I got Gryffinclaw. Of course, by going through again and putting answers I felt as strongly about as the first time, I got Slytherpuff, so... *shrug* Whateva, man!

In other news, I will be dressing up as a Hufflepuff and going to see Harry Potter tomorrow with Julio. And, sadly, with Piper, because Julio had to invite her along too. SIGH. But Julio and I figure we can just ignore her (subtlely) if she becomes too annoying.

A sample of me and Julio talking:
"What's a synonym for manly?"

And in case you were wondering, this is 99% confused ramblings right now. I think I need to go to bed. Or, well, take a shower, then lie in bed and play Puzzle Quest, and then go to bed. Rather than sitting here, contemplating searching out some good, long HP fics and watching Roseanne. Even if this is a good episode.
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