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A Breakfast Club meme

The Breakfast Club covers the five stereotypes that are supposedly found everywhere. List your fandoms and then assign these roles.

Harry Potter
The Brain: Hermione Granger
The Psycho: Luna Lovegood
The Princess: Draco Malfoy (oh, it's so true)
The Athlete: Oliver Wood
The Rebel: Fred'n'George

Harry Potter, all minor character edition
The Brain: Percy Weasley
The Psycho: Luna Lovegood (she just works!)
The Princess: Tonks (er, randomish)
The Athlete: Oliver Wood
The Rebel: Zacharias Smith

21 Jump Street
The Brain: Tom Hanson
The Psycho: THE MCQUAIDS! Um.
The Princess: Judy Hoffs
The Athlete: Doug Penhall
The Rebel: Dennis Booker

The Brain: Charlie (duh)
The Psycho: Larry
The Princess: Amita
The Athlete: Don
The Rebel: Colby (shoosh)

The Brain: Brennan
The Psycho: Zack
The Princess: Angela
The Athlete: Booth
The Rebel: ...I guess this leaves Hodgins. Or Russ.

Crossing Jordan
The Brain: Nigel'n'Bug
The Psycho: Kate
The Princess: Lily
The Athlete: Woody
The Rebel: Well, Peter had some rather spectacular freak-outs in his time, but I'll go with James.

The Brain: Grissom
The Psycho: Hodges!
The Princess: attitude-wise, Sara. Background, I guess Sophia.
The Athlete: Nick
The Rebel: ...whatever the hell that guy's name was. Remember him, from this past season? Replaced Grissom, wound up dying? Him.

Doctor Who
The Brain: the Doctor
The Psycho: ...the Master!
The Princess: Rose!
The Athlete: Jack
The Rebel: the Master

The Brain: Ducky
The Psycho: Abby
The Princess: Kate
The Athlete: Tony
The Rebel: ...Ari?

CSI: New York
The Brain: Mac
The Psycho: Chad
The Princess: Lindsay
The Athlete: Don
The Rebel: Danny

The Brain: Beecher
The Psycho: Keller
The Princess: McManus
The Athlete: Cyril
The Rebel: Ryan

The Brain: Gus
The Psycho: ...Shawn
The Princess: Juliet
The Athlete: Er. Lassiter, I guess.
The Rebel: ...Henry?

The Brain: ...er. Sid?
The Psycho: Effy! And Cassie! Both, at the same time!
The Princess: Michelle
The Athlete: Maxxie. Dancing is totally a sport.
The Rebel: Tony, dur.

The Brain: Tosh
The Psycho: Suzie
The Princess: Gwen
The Athlete: Jack
The Rebel: Owen
(Ianto's the kickass janitor guy. Bilis is the principal.)

You know, I've got an exam tomorrow morning. I should probably study. And/or sleep. And/or get some food.
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