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Dreams, dreams, and more dreams!

So, counterfeitcoin made a post about a dream she had, and it reminded me that I hadn't told you all about the awesome dream I had last night, in which I married an Indian girl! It was especially interesting given that I was initially a guy who had to perform the 'wife' part of the ceremony, and later I turned into a girl. Also, one of us already had a child, who was a baby but, like, huge.

And then there was this other dream, in which me and my cousins were at this grand hotel (which, actually, is possibly the same hotel that featured in an earlier dream I had in which I played a cast of characters intent on killing this one person - I think that one was influence by Smokin' Aces) that was hosting an anime convention, and there were all these escalators to different levels that were like all escalators in my dreams, which is that they're too fast and too steep, and riding on them makes you feel like you're going to be thrown off and fall to a horrible death (this is odd, because I don't actually have a fear of escalators. Just in my dreams).

There was also a number of big theater/lecture hall type rooms, including one that reminded me of yet ANOTHER dream I had, in which I was on a football team, and it was the big game, and I had been out... doing something, and when I showed back up, the game was about to start, and for some reason it was being played in, like, a theater, and I had to run through all these comfy chairs (some of which also had huge TVs in front of them) to get to the field.

...I have extremely odd dreams. And for some reason, they all take place in the same universe - there's this one particular mall, this one city system, there's a casino/arcade island, there's a mountain range surrounded by hills and including a really terribly creepy lake full of old Victorian-age skeletons and vehicles just lying there, silent. And now this hotel!

Maybe there's something to the theory put forth in DWJ's Witch Week, with slight splinter worlds that should only exist in dreams. Maybe I'm just seeing my life in other worlds. Although, well, that wouldn't really explain how I'm people in drastically different situations, and sometimes guys and stuff. Eh, maybe my brain is just crazy. Makes just as much sense.
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