Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

July 12 of 12

Guess what? For once I remembered to do 12 of 12! Hoorah! (For those who don't know, the basic premise is, every 12th of the month, take 12 pictures throughout your day.)

This would be my bed after I wake up. Note the exposed mattress, three pillows, Pokemon stickers on the wall at the foot of the bed, and the multitude of books and DVDs falling onto my bed.

This would be me, attempting to brush my teeth and mayhaps wake up.

My cat, Cap'n Jack, is also not fond of early mornings.

Me watchin' my morning cartoons. Note the bookcase full of DVDs and VHS all around. (YAY SPONGEBOB.) Also, the picture on top of the bookcase is of Silvia, our German exchange student when I was seven, and her sister Sonja.

My backpack, ready to go to school.

Shoe selection! The white sneakers still stink from Warped, the Crocs are a bad idea to wear all day, and the Converses take too long to get on when I'm in a rush, so I put on the dark sneakers, which are a few sizes to big and feel rather like boats.

Notes from my first class, Geography.

The rest of my "notes" from Geography. Plz to be paying attention to various Doctor Who-related doodles, in addition to the randomness.

My workpage from math class - yes, I do actually know what's going on on this page.

Back home. Jack impatiently waits for his dinner. (And, um, yes, our house really is that dirty. *winces*

My usual sitting place, and how I put my laptop when I get up to do things while on the computer. If you look real close, you'll notice I'm on LJ, and have an AOL mail alert pop-up! Also, me computadora overheats real fast, hence the metal contraption. (On the far left side, you'll note my iPod connection cord.)

And finally, I uncover the place where I put my dinner. And yes, that's really exactly what my dinner table looks like. We only clean it off for, like, Thanksgiving when we're not spending it at somebody else's house. And it's actually in the kitchen - the dining room table is pretty much a lost cause - I don't think I've seen it in, oh, six years at least.

So there you have it. My terribly cluttered, but highly comfy, home and life!
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