Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Random Announcements of the Day

1. Judd Nelson's nostrils freak me out.

2. Watching the Breakfast Club on cable is rather hilarious, because they censor EVERYTHING. Like, even as a naive third grader I would've been all, "This is terribly unrealistic language."

3. Charlie Bartlett looks like an awesome movie, that I had never heard of.

4. Bender vs. Andrew? Totally just reminded me of head-of-the-KKK vs. Hansen in Mean Streets and Pastel Houses.

5. This would logically make Brian, Penhall. Carl is Fuller. Claire is Hoffs. This is all falling into place. I call 1980s conspiracy!

6. In the early bits of the detention, before their first potty break? I have done every single one of those things while in detention. Yes, even the fire.
Tags: movies, random

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