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One day I will make a non-random entry. That day is not today.

So, the list of things I've eaten today (random):
- somewhere around five Canada Drys
- two apple Toaster Strudels
- a jumbo can of Spaghetti-Os
- two bratwurst
- raw chocolate chip cookie dough

Some might say that I'm taking advantage of my mother's absence to eat badly. Those people would be wrong. This is pretty much exactly what I eat on a normal basis. Heh. I suppose the real question isn't why I'm overweight - it's how I manage to actually stay the same weight.

...actually, on that note: I've been the same weight (within ten pounds - a lot for some people, but I've got so many I don't notice) for at least the last three years. And if they hadn't worn out for over-wear, I could still easily wear clothing I got in middle school. It's all very interesting.

Also, counterfeitcoin has gotten me obsessed with Percy again. Which, y'know, exactly what I needed. *mutter, complain*

Also, I call all of you to IM me! My AIM name is biscuiteatingSOB, and on Yahoo it's dragon2000girl (shaddap, I made the name when I was ten!).
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