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Today is a DAY OF AWESOME!

1. I wake up late, but then find out that hey! We didn't have a test today (remember, I had no idea if there was thanks to missing the last class for OotP), we had a guest speaker who was rather engaging.

2. Turns out my teacher thought it was a 10 week course, not an 8 week one, so he decided that we're just having one more exam, on the last day of class, and he'll take our two tests, figure out the curve... and then give us all one letter grade higher! So, basically, even if I completely fail the exam, like, zero points? I'm still getting a B in the class. SWEET.

3. Got home and found a package on the doorstep. In said package? My Jack, Ten (+ Dalek and Cyberman), and Rose (+ K9) action figures!

4. I went to Wal-Mart to get some supplies (mostly more Spaghetti-Os) and, although they had no HP Legos (sad), they had a Quicksilver action figure!

5. So there might have been a leak of the first 500 pages of Deadly Hallows, and I may or may not be reading it. COFFCOFF.
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