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What I've done today - i.e., nothing!

So I totally overslept my alarm and missed geography. Only reason I'm sad about that is that I wanted to get my exam back, find out how I did. Otherwise? WHOO! I missed three hours of old man droning!

So I went off to math class, only to find out that all we were doing was going over all the basic ideas we've "learned" this semester, in preparation for... taking the test on Thursday! Score! Almost over!

So, I should get an A in cultural anthropology; probably a C, MAYBE a B, in geography; and... I have no idea, for math. Since I've only gone to half the classes and haven't turned in a few of the things, I guess I'll probably get a C there too. Ah well.

Also, I pulled more muscles in my back. It hurts. *whines* Ah well.
Tags: college, rl

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