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Spoilers for the last Harry Potter book! DON'T GO NO FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANNA BE SPOILED!

biscuiteatingsob: Whoo, Terry Boot mentioned!
biscuiteatingsob: mention, even
pixie druid skye: yey
biscuiteatingsob: Heh. He got beat up by Carrow for yelling in the Great Hall that the Trio broke into Gringotts and escaped on a dragon.
pixie druid skye: yep XD
biscuiteatingsob: (Also, I luff Neville. HE IS HARDXCORE.)
pixie druid skye: YES. X3
biscuiteatingsob: "Psh, dude, they don't wanna get rid of purebloods, so they'll torture me a bit, but not kill me. It's cool, yo."
biscuiteatingsob: *HUGS NEVILLE LIEK WOAH*
biscuiteatingsob: (...Neville/Seamus slash, y/n?)
pixie druid skye: n!!! :D
pixie druid skye: er
pixie druid skye: y XDDD
pixie druid skye: i is fail
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: I mean, dude. It's so obvious!
biscuiteatingsob: I also love the new Room of Requirement
pixie druid skye: yes
biscuiteatingsob: And Neville so = lawyer, with the loopholes an' all!
pixie druid skye: yes
biscuiteatingsob: (and BWAH to Ron's, "Food's one of the five exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration".)
biscuiteatingsob: Okay, so we've got the following confirmed as in hiding: Neville, Seamus, Lavender, Parvati, Padma, Terry, Ernie, Anthony, and Michael.
biscuiteatingsob: We can assume that Justin and Hannah, at least, didn't show back up at Hogwarts (aren't they both Muggleborn?)
pixie druid skye: yeah
biscuiteatingsob: Creeveys wouldn't be there neither
biscuiteatingsob: (ENGRISH FTW!)
biscuiteatingsob: Luna and Ginny aren't there, we know
biscuiteatingsob: And Dean, we also know
biscuiteatingsob: Actually, all are accounted for at this point save Susan and Zacharias
biscuiteatingsob: And we know that neither of them is Muggleborn
biscuiteatingsob: *plans to write teh fanfix*
biscuiteatingsob: I want Ravenclaw house fanfic. Simply because of Michael rolling his eyes at Luna.
biscuiteatingsob: DUDE. Nice. I love that you have to answer a question to get into Ravenclaw
pixie druid skye: yes, i love that
biscuiteatingsob: That's just so... brilliant
biscuiteatingsob: Makes me want to have Hufflepuff's entrance be something odd
pixie druid skye: yes
biscuiteatingsob: Like, say, you have to walk through what appears to be a solid wall with absolute faith that you can get through! And if you doubt it, you just run into a wall!
pixie druid skye: XDDD
biscuiteatingsob: Or something like that, only instead of faith, the location of the part of the wall you can get through varies from day-to-day
biscuiteatingsob: So people are just wandering all over the place, groping the walls
biscuiteatingsob: (Also? I changed my mind about wanting to be a Huffle. Ravenclaw's common room is too brilliant for words.)
pixie druid skye: indeed
biscuiteatingsob: Also? I shall marry Luna now, kthxbai.
biscuiteatingsob: "It was noisier than I thought it would be"
pixie druid skye: yes ^__^
biscuiteatingsob: (And hee to the first year that's all, "I think she might be dead, yay!")
pixie druid skye: XDDD yes
biscuiteatingsob: I love that all the good guys are using Unforgivables.
biscuiteatingsob: Aren't they supposed to be, like, unforgivable?
pixie druid skye: yes XD
pixie druid skye: dude, when mcgonagall uses imperio...i freaked XD
biscuiteatingsob: Hee! I like that the hero of the story uses a spell that causes unbearable torture... because the guy spat at his teacher.
biscuiteatingsob: See, kids, that's who you wanna look up to!
pixie druid skye: yes!
biscuiteatingsob: Reminds me of Terry Pratchett's stance on bad guys vs. good guys
biscuiteatingsob: From the Wiki article on Discworld: In several books, characters or narration bring up the question of precisely what constitutes a "hero" and whether there's anything really "heroic" about gung-ho violence.
biscuiteatingsob: This is generally the basis for Cohen the Barbarian and the actions of his Silver Horde, as shown in The Last Hero, in which the Patrician points out that when people say that heroes steal things from the gods, kill monsters, defeat tyrants, and seduce women, they are, in fact, saying, that heroes murder, steal, rape, and wipe out endangered species. Lord Vetinari also asks the question, "When a tyrant is defeated or a monster killed, who is the person defining the monstrousness of the monster, or the tyranny of the tyrant? The hero. In fact, when a hero kills someone, he is in fact saying that, if you have been killed by a hero, then you are a person who is suitable to be killed by a hero."
biscuiteatingsob: Or, a more specific and shorter quote: the most effective heroes are natural villains who choose to act in accordance with a particular system of ethics.
pixie druid skye: XD i love terry pratchett
biscuiteatingsob: Meh twu
biscuiteatingsob: Whee, McGonagall did three patronuses! Patroni?
biscuiteatingsob: Also, I love that McGonagall and Umbridge have the same Patronus form.
biscuiteatingsob: LULZ
pixie druid skye: XDD
biscuiteatingsob: HEE, Snape can flllllllllly!
biscuiteatingsob: He believes in Peter Pan!
biscuiteatingsob: YAYZ 4 OLLIE WOOD!
biscuiteatingsob: *parties down*
biscuiteatingsob: I love that they're saying that all the underage students will be evacuated, so buh-bye Ginns... yet Luna is still there.
biscuiteatingsob: I mean, I guess she could have an early birthday
biscuiteatingsob: But still! Lulz!
pixie druid skye: lol
biscuiteatingsob: (Okay, mostly I just like to type 'lulz'.)
pixie druid skye: yes you do
biscuiteatingsob: YOU JUST JELIS!
pixie druid skye: JELIS...OF LULZ!!!!
biscuiteatingsob: YEZ!
pixie druid skye: /me poses majestically
pixie druid skye: XDDDDD lee you make my life shiny and wonderful
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: I do try
biscuiteatingsob: This book is a lot more awesome if you imagine it with a ton of Internet memes.
pixie druid skye: yes
pixie druid skye: voldemort: I CAN HAS WANDZ??
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: We should just go through and re-write the whole book with stuff like this
pixie druid skye: O]]]]]]]]]]]]DS78A;'
pixie druid skye: apparently my ferret says hi
pixie druid skye: yeah kiki just decided she was going to run across my keyboard
pixie druid skye: so there you are XD
biscuiteatingsob: She was very excited over the leaked book.
biscuiteatingsob: She was attempting to type "ZOMG ALBUS SEVERUS FOR TEH LULZ!"
pixie druid skye: XDDDD
biscuiteatingsob: But she's a ferret.
biscuiteatingsob: So it didn't work so well
pixie druid skye: yes
biscuiteatingsob: Psh, more Huffles than Ravens stuck around. HARDXCORE, MAN!
biscuiteatingsob: Also: GO KINGSLEY, I LUFF CHOO!
biscuiteatingsob: ...wate wat? Creevey, at Hogwarts? BUT HE'S MUGGLISH BORN! AAIIIEEE!
biscuiteatingsob: (Creevey/Peakes. Theirloveissounderagebattling.)
pixie druid skye: XDDD
biscuiteatingsob: I am having way too much fun with this.
pixie druid skye: yes
biscuiteatingsob: Also, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor have towers. And Slytherin and Hufflepuff have dungeons. Obv., Slyths and Huffles have long since formed a pact to one day overthrow those goody-two-shoes and take the towers for themselves!
pixie druid skye: bwahaha
pixie druid skye: today the towers...TOMORROW THE WORLD!! ALL FOR LULZ!
biscuiteatingsob: Heh. One Zacharias Smith mention: him knocking over firsties to escape the castle.
biscuiteatingsob: "Screw that loyalty shit! Imma outta here!"
pixie druid skye: XDD
biscuiteatingsob: *luffs Zachy*
biscuiteatingsob: (The real reason Zacharias Smith appeared to be a coward: he has a phobia of waiting in lines!)
biscuiteatingsob: (That's his Boggart!)
biscuiteatingsob: zomg helena ravenclaw teh grey lady is rowena's daughter zomg.
biscuiteatingsob: zomg canon ravenclaw/slytherin lovin' hooray.
pixie druid skye: hahaha, i can see it now
pixie druid skye: the boggart hops out of the closet and transfroms into a long queue
pixie druid skye: and zachy screams and runs
biscuiteatingsob: HEE, YES.
biscuiteatingsob: I MUST RITE FIX
pixie druid skye: LULZ
pixie druid skye: haha, have fun
biscuiteatingsob: JEEZ. And now Hannah Abbott's randomly there, too, even though again: MUGGLEBORN?
biscuiteatingsob: Although, she could have just come from the coin-summoning.
pixie druid skye: XD jkr sez: CONTINUITY IZ 4 POSERS!
biscuiteatingsob: TOTALZ.
biscuiteatingsob: If this is the real version, ppl are going to be all, "ZOMG JKR GET A BETA!"
pixie druid skye: XDDD no kidding
pixie druid skye: neville's gran kicks so much ass
pixie druid skye: she's all like "haha hells yeah neville, go beat the shit out of that dark lord."
biscuiteatingsob: ...I love that the thing that gets Hermione to kiss Ron is him thinking about house elves. Hermione's kinkier than we give her credit for!
pixie druid skye: *DIES* i never even thought of it that way
biscuiteatingsob: You obv. need to be kinkier.
pixie druid skye: obv.
pixie druid skye: v. v. kinkier
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: ...so why couldn't he just walk by the room thinking, "I need Ravenclaw's diadem"? Instead of "I need the room where things are hidden"?
biscuiteatingsob: Or is that too much logic.
biscuiteatingsob: ?
pixie druid skye: he could do that, actually
pixie druid skye: he did know for sure that the diadem was int he room, so
biscuiteatingsob: *sigh* See, THIS is why Neville should have been our savior. Harry's an idiot.
pixie druid skye: *nods*
biscuiteatingsob: Aw, poor Crabbe. He's all... autistic or something.
pixie druid skye: yeah no kidding
pixie druid skye: why are crabbe and goyle still at hogwarts? XD
biscuiteatingsob: ...good question. I'd say to follow Malfoy around, but he wasn't at Hogwarts either, was he?
pixie druid skye: nope
biscuiteatingsob: Goddamn, I bet after all this, Draco got a new wand and had it surgically attached to his hand. "Fuck getting it stolen or knocked out of my hand at key moments!"
pixie druid skye: XDD no kidding
biscuiteatingsob: ...wtf crabbe. "Like it hot, scum?" WTF?
pixie druid skye: "SHIT! Potty stole my wand and now he's the Booger Red!! I'm not letting this happen again!"
pixie druid skye: yeah wtf XD
biscuiteatingsob: ...okay, does Harry actually destroy any Horcrux, himself, other than the diary?
biscuiteatingsob: WEAK, POTTER.
biscuiteatingsob: V. V. WEAK.
pixie druid skye: seriously XDD
pixie druid skye: you know...now that i think about it, no he does not XDDDD
biscuiteatingsob: Gawd.
pixie druid skye: he's so hopeless
pixie druid skye: which reminds me, you'll love neville even more before the end of the book
biscuiteatingsob: HEE to Fred dying because Percy said a joke.
biscuiteatingsob: That's so morbidly awesome.
pixie druid skye: i know
biscuiteatingsob: Now he ded from ceiling.
pixie druid skye: yep
biscuiteatingsob: Hee, Perce! "ROOKWOOD!"
pixie druid skye: vindicated!Perce is smex
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: Psh. Lucius Malfoy stuttering. What, is he the new Pettigrew? *sneers*
pixie druid skye: XDDD
pixie druid skye: lucius is such a BITCH in this book
biscuiteatingsob: Gawd, I know.
biscuiteatingsob: The only Malfoy who's got ballz is Narcissa.
pixie druid skye: and dig how he and cissy are all "OMG DRACO WHERE'S MY LITTLE BOY *whine whine sob sob*"
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: ...duuuuude. I totally swear that I read, like, a fic where Luna knew a spell that made stairs into a slide.
pixie druid skye: XDD
biscuiteatingsob: Hey, didn't the Gryffindor hourglass break in HBP? And now the Slytherin one? IT'S LEIK A METAFOR OR SUMTHIN!
pixie druid skye: OMG
biscuiteatingsob: So... Ernie's Patronus is a boar?
biscuiteatingsob: Hm. According a website:
Warrior strength, warrior mind, fierceness in battle, chivalry, nobility, prosperity, strategic skills, deadly accuracy, personal power, re-birth, organization, successful confrontation, comrade, respected leadership and pure masculine energy.
biscuiteatingsob: Go Ernie! Represent Hufflepuff!
pixie druid skye: XD
biscuiteatingsob: Dude, I would suck so hard core in a battle like this. (The real reason Zach fled: HE HAS ASTHMA AND WOULD DIE ON THE DUSTY BATTLEFIELD!)
pixie druid skye: XDDD
biscuiteatingsob: I like coming up with these theories.
pixie druid skye: i know, that made me go all "OH NOES!!...oh wai IT'S HARRY BABY! YAY!"
biscuiteatingsob: Hee!
biscuiteatingsob: ...dude, nice one JKR! Having James use the same damn words as Draco, only about Slytherin instead of Hufflepuff!
pixie druid skye: XD
pixie druid skye: jkr sez: ORIGINALITY IZ TEH LAMEZORZ!
biscuiteatingsob: *grin*
biscuiteatingsob: Man, Dumbledore's a fucking bastard.
pixie druid skye: yup
biscuiteatingsob: "Would you like me to do it now? Or would you like a few moments to compose an epitaph?" = MUST ICON THAT
pixie druid skye: heehee
biscuiteatingsob: And I love that Dumbledore using the Chudley Cannons as a ref.
biscuiteatingsob: and HEE to calling Severus a basket hanging on Voldie's arm.
biscuiteatingsob: And again: DUMBLEDORE IS A BASTARD.
pixie druid skye: yes he is!
biscuiteatingsob: AW COLIN IZ DED
biscuiteatingsob: I LIKE TEH COLIN
pixie druid skye: i knoes T__T
biscuiteatingsob: *sniff*
biscuiteatingsob: And I like that Harry acknowledges his similiarties to Voldie and Snape
pixie druid skye: yeah
biscuiteatingsob: Gawd, JKR sucks at teh romance. Oh, I'm looking at the woman I detest, who killed my godfather... ah, reminds me of the girl I love!
biscuiteatingsob: WTF?
pixie druid skye: XDDDD i know
biscuiteatingsob: ...uhm. What with the tortured child lying on the floor?
pixie druid skye: yeah i really have no idea about that one
biscuiteatingsob: So... children's tales are the power Harry has that the Dark Lord knows not?
biscuiteatingsob: WEAK.
pixie druid skye: yeah
biscuiteatingsob: ...I so wanna write Good Omens/HP fic where Death is all, "MAH HALLOWS, BITCHES. LET ME SHOW YOU THEM."
pixie druid skye: XDDDD
biscuiteatingsob: Okay, I rather like that line. "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
biscuiteatingsob: That's a pretty cool line
pixie druid skye: yeah me too
biscuiteatingsob: Man, you do realize that there's going to be a huuuuge resurgance of Severitus fics?
pixie druid skye: eeeyep.
biscuiteatingsob: kay wate. The weird tortured child was... VOLDIE?
pixie druid skye: i suppose
biscuiteatingsob: This is so bizarre.
pixie druid skye: yeah
biscuiteatingsob: You know, if this is the real deal, I'll be pretty satisfied. But part of me hopes it isn't, because of teh crazee
pixie druid skye: yeah i know XDD
biscuiteatingsob: ...er wate wat? drako is teh eldar wanz's mastah?
biscuiteatingsob: I CONFUZED!
pixie druid skye: yeah that part threw me too XDD
biscuiteatingsob: Whoo for Kingsley as teh Ministar!
pixie druid skye: yes ^__^
biscuiteatingsob: ...I LOVE LUNA. "Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!"
pixie druid skye: XDD
biscuiteatingsob: Also hee to Ron's response to Peeves's song.
pixie druid skye: yes XD

biscuiteatingsob: Also, Zach? "Brave Sir Zacharias ran away away, bravely ran away!"
pixie druid skye: XDDD yes
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