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HP Release Party, and an extreeeeeeeemely long (and awesome) dream!

Okay, so. What Happened At HP Release, plus the awesometastic (non-HP) dream I had last night that I should make into a book.


I woke up at around 2PM, got dressed, and watched some King of the Hill while eating Cheerios and Toaster Strudel. Then I drove off to Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch edition), where I sat around for a half hour until Julia showed up. We got pictures taken of us by some guy, and then decided to walk over to Qdoba to get some eats and tell her about the leaked book. Twas awesome.

Anyway, then we went back and leeched off of some free intarwebz at TC and used the power cord they had for the lights in the windows (yes, we both brought our laptops). Around 7 or 8, we decided to join the line that was forming - turned out to be a good time to join, too, because the people right behind us were totally awesome. We played some wizard rock until my laptop died (my laptop battery = CRAP), and then sat around and chatted for a while... and then played Bad Romance Popcorn Reading.

Basically, they each went over to the romance section and got a horrible, terrible romance novel. Then, one would start reading (this hilarious - and rather cute - boy, who read it in a dramatic British accent) a porn scene, until someone said, "Popcorn!", at which point the next person would start reading. We did this for at least an hour, and I got some hilarious video on my phone of it. (There was one book where the scene was between 'Darkwolf' and 'Junga' - we cracked up so hard at that one.)

Julia took her meds, and I was hyper, so I took some of hers too (her mom had included a pill that Julia hasn't taken in over a year; I decided to have it! It was a mood stabilizer, so it didn't actually do anything). Found some trivia books, read 'em aloud. Then the people behind us brought out Risk - ya, rly. So we watched them play that, and found out that one of the guys there was a major fan of Zacharias Smith, because his own name was Zachariah Smith. Hee.

Plus, me and Julia both had wands, which we got entirely so we could pretend!duel, and then go, "But I know something you do not... I am not left-handed!" It was awesome. And then the book was released, and we got our books, made our way through the HUGE MASSIVE CROWDS that wrapped around the building (ya rly), and then got some McDonalds cuz we were starving to death. Then we went back to Julia's house, ate our Mickie D's, and watched Family Guy. And then we went to bed. Hooray!

Ppl, remind me to never eat Mickie D's again, no matter how hungry I am: it makes me horribly sick. For a long time afterwards. Sigh.

Basically, I'm this alien girl - I dunno how old. I'm in class (on Earth), and then class lets out, and I'm walking through the city to go to my light rail stop... except then I start to get chased. So I'm running, and I'm running (in my dreams, I run a lot; it's my preferred mode of locomotion). I cut through this mall-type place, and because it's close to impossible for me to stop or turn while I'm running, I accidentally go into a few shops until I'm able to grab a hold of something to swing myself around. Then I'm out on the street, and I see this guy who's bleeding all over the place, but I can't quite get there because, again, can't stop or turn, so I just try to slow down so that I can get over there. Except I'm still being chased. (Also, I attempt to jump up there to help the guy, but because of the wonders of inertia, I just wound up getting close enough to the edging to tear up my leg.)

Even though I'm being chased, I'm determined to help the guy. Except then someone grabs my arm, and I'm all, "OH SHIT I BEEN CAUGHT" But it's not the person/people/whatever that are chasing me, it's another guy, who's all, "Quick, go this way!"

And then this chick comes out of nowhere and grabs my arm - at this point, I'm walking, because it's hard to run when one of your legs is totally torn up. They glare at each other, and each try to convince me that they're on my side, not the other person. They're bickering, and I'm in pain, so eventually I snap that I'm going with the guy, and the chick is going with us.

The guy points out that they could track us through the girl, and I point out that should he turn out to be evil, then I wouldn't be alone, fighting him. He concedes the point (grinning), and we hurry on to the river, where he has a boat. So then we're on the boat for at least a day, and I guess one of them fixed up my leg, because that bit doesn't come up again.

Then, the people who are after me - who I now recognize as, like, governmental people headed by a corrupt alien (basically, think "Boomtown" from Doctor Who) - pretty much cover the river, so we head back onto land.

(Here, I have a brief interlude where it's all about the bad guys, and not from the POV of anyone: basically, they decide that chasing is hopeless, and instead they're just going to post themselves at where I'll end up.)

Back to me. I call my mother (or, I guess, foster-mother, because I don't think she was an alien) and tell her to get all of my family and friends into hiding, because I'm afraid the bad guys will go after them. Then there's more hiding, and running, and various adventures, until we get to the final confrontation:

It's at a light rail station. I guess, at this point, the people of earth (a futuristic earth, btw) are now vaguely aware of aliens, although they have no real contact as of yet. Basically, the head honcho bad guy (who's actually a girl) is holding a news conference, and they reveal my true form/name (I look basically human, only... green, don't remember my name) and the true form/name of the girl who was accompanying me. Meanwhile, me and my comrades are hiding amongst the crowd - the guy is relieved they didn't realize who he was, because he's also an alien.

Anyway, for some reason, the bad guy-girl reveals her own alien form, and we also come out of hiding. And here it sort of gets blurry and fast-forwards... to me being held in front of the council of my people, because I was sent to Earth as punishment. They're arguing, because I was trying to save the world, but I also revealed myself and used my powers (no, I don't remember when in the story I did that). Eventually, to stop their arguing and to show how "reformed" I am, I interrupt them. See, my original sentence was 28 years; I had only served 27 at this point. So I suggest they let me finish my sentence, and come back in a year. They agree.

Now, my dream basically ends there, but there was a bit of a "Next time..." thing at the end: basically, in that year, I work at an amusement park, for minimum wage, and probably wind up foiling another plan to take over the world. 'Cause that's how I roll.
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