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Kay, so.

...I don't actually have anything to say. I stopped at King Soopers, got me some more groceries (read: microwave pizzas and Gogurts), and I had class today, and... that's it. Oh! My dad's off on some work trip or another, so I'm home alone until noonish Thursday! Hooray! I can even sleep in my parents' bed, which is v. v. comfy and has a TV! Er, the room. Not the bed. That would be awesome, though.

I have this burning urge to join a Hogwarts: Next Gen RPG, but THERE IS NONE. GRAR. For some reason, DH has just inspired people to start new MWPP games, and maybe a few Trio-era. But no Next-Gen!

*whines and generally carries on*

If y'all see a HP Next Gen game (post DH), plz to be letting me know? kthxbai.
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