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Ah, intarwebz. How I love thee!

So guiz.

They're totally making a LineRider game for Wii.

That's kind of... awesome. In a bizarre way.

Also, a CSI game for Wii! That rawks. I've already got all the PC CSI games - not that I've completed all (any) of them. Plus, Civilizations for Wii! Whoo! Wii whoo? Whatev.

Anyway, spent pretty much all of today watching To Catch a Predator and chatting with Julio about it. (Our favorite pedophile was Pepe the Deaf Pedo.) We also went on to TeenSpot, where we joined chats and went all batshit crazee, as per usual.

I also took some pics:


Tags: pictures, teh intarwebz, wii

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